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You know that content is king and that high quality content leads to the best conversions
No More Writing

You don’t need writing top quality posts and creating engaging videos, you don't have to spend a small fortune sending the work to a premium outsources.

No More Re-Writing

Stop spending a lot of time re-writing high quality content to make it unique. This is a very time consuming process which doesn’t always work well.

Start Sharing

Now you can just share high quality content that is already popular and related content to what you are offering and watch your conversions soar!

This is what you can do with SQZin:


Add C-T-A Overlay To Viral Content

Custom Call-To-Action

Create your own customized Call To Action Overlays that are added to the content. Add an image (your logo, product image etc), your persuasive message and a CTA button. Send your visitors directly to your offers.

Get More Leads


Turn Video Into Squeeze Page

Create Lead Capture Forms

Easily integrate your auto-responder code into SQZin so that you can create video squeeze pages and add custom overlays to the content you share with an opt in form.

Create Squeeze Page


Customize Headers of Shared Content

Edit Page Title & Description

When you “squeeze” a page it creates a header that you can customize exactly how you want it. Steer your reader to your custom overlay and get them to take the action that you want.

See It In Action


Use Splash Pages For Your Promotions

Got a special offer that you want to promote?

Use timer controlled splash pages to present your offer before the visitor redirects to your viral content. Great for limited or one time offers. Also you can use splash pages for your branding awareness.

Get Your Offer Action


Retarget Visitors That Open Your Links

Attach your own pixels to links you share

When you squeeze a link you can use the tag manager to track conversions and retarget visitors who clicked on your SQZin links. Add custom tags such as retargeting pixels, exit pop ups, contact forms and more. You can add your own pixels from Facebook, Google Adwords and so on.

Retarget Your Audience


Go Viral With Your Squeezed Links

Let users keep sharing squeezed links

Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms. More exposure for your customized overlays!

Start Sharing Links

If you are an affiliate marketer, list builder, service provider, product creator, eCom store owner
or anyone that that needs targeted traffic to your offers then this is for you. It is the quickest and easiest way to get visitors that want what you have to offer.

No Website Required



Think that you have seen it all before? Well you haven’t! This is a new service where you can use viral content to drive traffic to your offers. It doesn't matter if you are building a list or promoting a product or service it will work for you.

SQZin is the easiest way to provide engaging content with your unique call to action that gets you targeted visitors FAST! Using the power of social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can promote your “squeezed” content to an audience that will love it.

You can also use your SQZin links with your email marketing. When you send emails to your list you can tell them about the amazing content you have for them, and then drive them to another of your offers.

Internet marketers created SQZin to help other Internet marketers like you.

All you have to do is:

SqueezeShare Profit!

You have shared links on social platforms using services such as right?
Well never before have you been able to add a custom overlays to those links that get results. Now you can with SQZin.

Sharing viral content and videos has never been easier. You can present the content with your custom overlay
or use a splash page where you present your offer to visitors before they see the viral content.

Videos with opt in boxes? No problem with SQZin!

This is why you should use SQZin:

A Simple To Use System

SQZin is so easy to use and you will be creating your powerful links with your customized message in no time. Comprehensive training videos are provided and there are tool tips provided for everything so you just can’t go wrong.

Create The Pages That You Need

If you need to create landing pages, squeeze pages or a complete funnel you can do it with SQZin. You can password protect any content created with SQZin which is great for your download pages.

Track Everything With One Dashboard

Your simple yet powerful SQZin dashboard enables you to track everything in real time. You can see how many clicks you have achieved, the source of the visitors, the country or referrer and more. You can easily integrate your Google Analytics account too.

And so much more…

Don’t Take our Word For It.

Here is What Delighted SQZin Users Had To Say:

An awesome tool for engagement, iIt's a great way to promote others and yourself content.
Albert S.
Tel3 Systems
Your tool is super! Add a CTA to content and link back to my website.
Karen Cristy
Ad Vs Ad

Want to Generate More Qualified Leads?

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When You Use SQZin You Will:

Get More Qualified Leads

by sharing high quality content with your custom overlays you will attract more leads.

Get More Targeted Traffic

you always need more targeted traffic so get it easily and free with viral content and your CTA overlay.

Get Your Links Seen by More People

with the social sharing buttons added to your links your content and custom overlays will go viral.

Get Started With the Best Leads Magnet

With SQZin you will NOT have to:

Write a single word or create videos
Add any posts to your website
Waste time building backlinks or other time consuming SEO tasks
Use URL shortener services such as
Use different services to keep track of all of your links – SQZin manages them all!

Take your marketing to the next level
with SQZin today

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SQZin is the simplest and most powerful way to
target qualified leads to your offers

SQZin working for all business type:


An affiliate marketer


A list builder


A product or service provider


Promoting webinars


Promoting coupons


Promoting anything online!


You can take no action and miss out on the great targeted traffic that Squeezed In will provide you as well as continuing to write or pay for content.


You can try and figure this all out for yourself and hire coders and other specialists to create your own high quality content sharing with customized overlays system – good luck with that!


Or you can join the many happy users of SQZin and start to drive targeted traffic to your offers today.

You Know What The Smart Decision Is!


Get Started with SQZin Right Now
and Get Targeted Traffic to Your Offers Today.


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How clicks are counted?

Clicks are counted whenever a visitor clicks on one of your SQZin links. After reaching your click limit for the month, the links will show without CTA's, until the next month.

How Can I Drive Traffic To My Squeeze In Links?

The best way to promote your links is through using the big social media platforms. You can send the links to related Facebook and LinkedIn groups as well as post on your pages and feeds. You can also use the links in your email marketing and use them with paid advertising.

Is Squeezed In Easy To Use?

Yes it is. We have provided a full suite of easy to use interface inside and as for a member it will not take you long to learn the great features of SQZin. You will be squeezing your links and adding your custom overlays in no time.

Are All Of The Links That I Create Saved?

Yes they are. In fact you can create a “bundle” of SQZin links that you can share with your target audience. Until you delete the links they will remain.

Isn’t Squeeze In Just Another URL Shortener Service?

No it is much more than that. Conventional URL shortener services will not allow you to add a custom overlay or an opt in form. You can use SQZin to shorten your URL’s but it offers you a lot more marketing punch.

Can My SQZin Links Be Shared By Others?

Yes they can. Each link that you create using Squeeze In will have social sharing buttons on the header so your readers can share it. Your overlays will remain.

How Easy Is It To Add A Custom Overlay?

Really easy. First you will enter the original content link and squeeze it. Then you can choose the type of overlay that you want (overlay box, optin form, splash page etc). You can use existing overlays that you have already created for different links.

Do I Need To Post Anything To My Website?

No. In fact you don’t even need a website to profit from using SQZin. If you are an affiliate marketer you can direct your reader straight to the offer that you are promoting by adding your affiliate link to the custom overlay.


Squeeze It – Share It – Profit!

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